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About Us

Why Shifting Gears?

What Makes us Different?

Shifting Gears re-imagines how we care for our vehicles. We understand that our cars are more than just a means of transportation. We spend 6% of our lives behind the wheel, and for some of us that number is even larger. To put that in perspective that is 4.72 Years of our lives based off the average life expectancy in the U.S. We also know that our cars are typically our second largest life investment behind our homes. Because of this, our passion, and our skills, we are more then just a car wash, more then just a detail, we represent our lifestyle, our image, and our brand, one wash, one detail, and one happy customer at a time. 

One major problem with traditional detail shops is that you are either getting a full and expensive detail or your not. With Shifting Gears you can get a basic car wash, or pick and choose what services you would like done to create your own custom detail. Another problem is that detail shops can be sketchy. You don't know what they are doing with your vehicle. They could be snooping around where they shouldn't, joy riding your vehicle, or even testing to see which cars can do the best burnouts. Yes that unfortunately actually happens. But with Shifting Gears, we come to you, you can visually see what were doing at all times, while also learning about what products were using, why were using them, and why we use the techniques we do. That also means you get to visually verify that you are satisfied before your invoice is ever sent. Another great convince is that you wont be left without a vehicle for days or even weeks, not to mention you wont have to drive through an automatic car wash ever again. In fact, you can even be away from home, if your on vacation, at dinner with the family, or at the kids big sports game, we can still detail the car(s) you have at home. This also works great for surprises and gifts. We all know how much your significant other loves a like new clean car!

Shifting Gears caters towards everyone who owns a car. If you just want a basic "Crew Carwash" without damaging and ruining your vehicle, we have you covered with our basic car washes. These are affordable, quality washes brought to you. Not only will hand washing your car prevent scratches, swirls, and other damages but it also leaves you with a shiny finish that stays clean for longer due to our quality products and techniques. 

For most people, We offer the best in class details for your vehicles. Best part is that all of our details are custom tailored to you! You pick out which services you want, and save money on the ones you done! We also offer package deals to help save you money on bundled services and multiple cars. One of our most popular options is our Maintenance Detail Program. These save you lots of money by getting reoccurring details that can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and every 3 month intervals. Learn more about our Maintenance Detail Program Here!   Our details bring that new clean and shine back to any vehicle in any condition! 

We are Always Looking Ahead, and We Have Some Amazing Plans For The Future!

Core Values



We strive to always provide our clients with the best quality services no matter the circumstances. We will stop at nothing to ensure that we meet your expectations. We use our vast amount of knowledge to insure you always get the best results possible. We are always ready to adapt to new technologies and techniques. 


We are continuously improving everyday. In our eyes there is always room for improvement and development. Even when our clients refer to our services as the perfect detail, we continue to improve and develop.


We like to work as one whole team to accomplish our goals. We all take pride in how we work together to get the job done. We are able to build each other up to make every customer has a good experience with our company. 


We use professional products and equipment to provide a safe and quality finish to every vehicle we touch.  We also make sure our clients know what products and techniques we are using to build trust.


At the end of the day, Shifting Gears is much more then just a car wash or detail. We represent a lifestyle. We want our clients, employees, and community to have fun and enjoy our lifestyle. That's why you may find us at local events like cars and coffees. We have plans to develop this Core Value into a new idea that re-imagines and re-builds what it means to be a car enthusiast.

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